A successful brand relies heavily on messaging that stands out, resonates with customers, and assures those customers that you are solving a problem they have with language that proves you understand them.

By refreshing the European market messaging to make it more appropriate for the U.S. market, we will transform the negative perception of UVEX and put them in a position where they are seen as THE high-end, performance-driven brand for outdoor adventure.


Fitting in.
It takes us out of our comfort zone.
We’ve never cared about what all the cool kids are doing.
And jumping off a bridge cause everyone else did it
Is just as stupid as it sounds.
We are the outdoors.
We are pioneers.
And we refuse to conform to the mainstream.
We’d rather be first on the lift than the first to comment.
We’d rather capture the experience first-hand than from the device glued to everyone else’s.
In a world full of loud and obnoxious,
We’re shredding the back country—
Kicking ass in the peace and quiet.
This ain’t no bargain bin, lost-in-the-crowd brand.
And we’re not the fall-in-line crowd.
This is UVEX.

For more than 90 years, UVEX has led the industry in perfecting the science of sophisticated technology. While everyone else was scrambling to catch up, we kept going. We kept being the leader, allowing everyone else to follow.

This concept heavily targets the most hardcore of the hardcore. The leaders of the pack. Those who appreciate the fact that there’s nothing typical about UVEX because there’s nothing typical about them either.

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Over the years, North America’s perception of UVEX has become stale and the brand has gotten lost in a crowd of the newest and coolest. The thing we know that everyone else has seemed to forget is that with age comes experience.

This concept targets a demographic who resonates with nostalgia and appreciates heritage. We are asking for the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves and remind the market that UVEX has been creating top-of-the-line products for more than 90 years.