Cultural Threads Vol. 01

The ideas presented in this quarter’s digest are just a sampling of where we think consumers will be heading. We like to understand what makes people tick and whether it will be the same in six months or five years from now. Basically, we want to nail down the cultural zeitgeist so we can: a) seem cooler at fancy dress parties and b) proactively guide our clients through the ongoing seismic shifts in culture.

Cultural Threads is a product of this obsession. It presents a holistic picture of the consumer world, keeping us mindful of the fears, hopes, thoughts and dreams of the people we want to connect with. It also takes a deep dive into these phenomena to help predict our cultural future.

Cultural Threads

This was a video made for the launch of our Q2 publication.

Cultural Threads Vol. 02

As the old saying goes, “change is hard,” but what happens when changes proceed so slowly or in such tiny ways we fail to notice? Suddenly we’ll think something has stopped working when in actuality it’s evolved into something different. 

The reality is that we were looking into a funhouse mirror the entire time. We’re unable to respond to the world around us because we didn’t perceive its evolution accurately. How did this happen? Tiny imperceptible change by tiny imperceptible change, gradually modifying the cultural landscape over time - each change is usually so small that they aren’t noticeable on their own until the entire world is seemingly transformed overnight. When this happens, we are unable to go back to the way things were. We must adapt. 

This quarter’s theme looks to mine these tiny changes occurring in the world around us. By identifying and discussing these microscopic fluctuations, we can adapt our strategies and creative to work more effectively within our constantly shifting world.  

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