Cultural Threads - Book Design


A little over a year ago, we set out to reveal the human drivers behind culture to help us get a better grasp on the changes happening in our world. Our goal was to find a better way to connect our curious, like-minded friends, colleagues, and clients with the cultural phenomena happening all around them. What we came up with is a publication that’s hard to classify – falling somewhere in between a zine, white paper, and trend report – but something that is stimulating to both the brain and the eyes.

Three Cultural Threads™ issues and a once-in-a-century Pi Day later, we continue down this path and are excited to present our slightly refreshed format.

Though we’ve made a few tweaks to the book, every Thread is still born and fortified with predictive qualities from connecting multiple trends (what we refer to as Signals), infusing data analytics, and layering historical, sociological and psychological context. 

In this issue, we explore the meta-themes of connection and self-awareness and how these evolving attributes are impacting everything, from what we share on social media to our once unshakable professional sports leagues.

We’re honored and thrilled for the interest we’ve received since launching Cultural Threads™. It’s been quite the journey and I want to thank everyone who continues to support, read, share and provide feedback. I especially want to thank the Threads team of dedicated and passionate researchers, writers, artists and makers; this issue is dedicated to you.