FOX Portal


20th Century FOX asked Trailer Park to redesign their CMS-powered international portal and create an engaging platform for their titles using the latest technology. The old Fox portal served as the online destination where consumers could find and buy Fox titles. However, the site itself relied on older technology, was overly complicated to update and often supplied redundant title information to consumers. The new portal we created is flexible, scalable, and easy to maintain for each of their 20 regions. Ultimately, it provides a great consumer experience, making it simple and rewarding to browse and buy the latest Fox Home Entertainment properties.

Creative Director - Brad Buris

Art Director- Julian Le

Visual Design - Trevor Wallis

UX Design - Andrew Adams




Globally, FOX Home Entertainment sells tens of thousands of titles with a wide range of assets in 10 different languages and 18 different regions, each with its own distinct marketing needs. On the old site, each title had multiple - and often overlapping - assets including language, synopsis, cast & crew information, box-shots, one-sheets, key-art, trailers, etc. The CMS we needed to build had to make the process of updating the content presented simple enough for an intern to do and robust enough to meet the needs of each region. 



Our site redesign is responsive across desktop, mobile and tablet and globally consistent in appearance, structure and content presentation. It makes it easy for consumers to find the FOX titles they want in all formats and in the language of their choice. The redesign of the site added new higher impact marketing tools like franchise and series pages, a deep search function and a recommendation engine. The site can also direct consumers to FOX Redeem and educates them on the benefits of Digital HD. 

The CMS utilizes the various data feeds available to FOX, including Foxpedia, for pulling in title & SKU data, ensuring that the most accurate content is used and limiting the amount of data entry required. All graphics such as key art and marquee images for a title are also imported via the feed thereby limiting the need to find and upload assets manually. We also designed the CMS with flexibility in mind so at a regional level each title’s page can be easily customized to meet that region’s specific marketing needs with flexible messaging areas, deep link capability and more.



In the end we produced a modern entertainment browsing and purchasing destination, which included all the pertinent information about a title on a single page, in a visually appealing way. The new and improved FOX portal makes life easier for both consumers and FOX’s team members. It helps consumers learn about and purchase the movies they’re looking for, and it allows anyone at FOX from an executive to an intern to quickly and easily update a title page to promote local deals or events. Ultimately the new and improved FOX portal delivers a simple and enjoyable browsing and purchasing experience for consumers around the globe.