JPL Process Video

Boyer’s latest body of work, "JPL", is inspired by the acronym for NASA’s research and development center, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena, California. As the leading center in the United States for robotic explorations of the solar system, the "JPL" serves as a nuanced entry point into the representational qualities of Boyer’s paintings. Referencing the widespread use of mapping technologies, Boyer’s works evoke both modern scientific practices and site-specific techniques employed by the Land Artists of the 1970s.

Specific to Boyer’s chosen medium are his early years spent working demolition in Southern California. Utilizing familiar industrial materials allows the artist to approach his works from a place of intimacy. Within each piece, Boyer carefully maps specific paths with bright neon strokes and swaths of purple pigment. Charting both his own explorations within the landscape as well as those of robotic rovers and orbiting satellites, these marks serve as metaphors for both the artist’s physical movements within a particular place and that of satellites traveling in space.

This video was filmed and edited by Myself