REVOLT is on the rise, powered by music, driven by culture and fueled by its fans. Our creative approach for your new site will put the fans at the center of the ultimate destination for all of REVOLT’s media offerings. We will surface the absolute best of REVOLT’s Live and Premium content to intrigue the user to explore deeper. To deliver great music content that’s exciting and relevant, we’ll develop a platform that truly rocks. The current gold standard to reach and engage your audience is with a responsive site optimized for all devices. This new site will organize and display content in line with current industry best practices, and offer a streamlined, updated, but edgy look and feel. This will create a more engaging experience that’s easier for fans to consume and share, and present REVOLT TV as a forward-thinking network that’s in touch with its audience.

The evolution of REVOLT.TV will not alienate your grassroots heritage, but instead channel that energy into a new premium experience that breeds confidence and sparks curiosity. As your digital creative partner, we will develop the strategy behind every pixel to maintain a visual hierarchy of your content that displays and performs beautifully across all form factors, using intuitive design patterns to create distinction between all content types, and ultimately strike that perfect balance between “wow” and “how.” The ultimate goal of this effort is as epic and elegant as the brand itself: to stage a revolt against boring, recycled content, and to give the peoplewhat they really want, wherever and whenever they want it.

Creative Director - Brad Buris

Art Direction - Trevor Wallis

U/X Designer - Danielle Stone

Producer - Jolon Bankey


Fully Responsive Design ---------------->



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