UBM Fashion Website

UBM is a holding company that delivers trade shows to multiple industries with the main goal of connecting buyers with sellers. We are tasked with designing the fashion extension of UBM. These shows are for the aspiring designer, the fashion veteran, the brand builders, the retail buyers, the manufacturers, and the rest of the international fashion family.

What problem are we solving?

Building a multi show platform to house all UBM brands under one umbrella.

ENK & Magic have their own sites. No one knows that ENK, Project, and MAGIC are all UBM brands, yet. The UBM fashion group has requested a unified experience that showcases all fashion show properties under one umbrella while giving the various brands room to express their own personalities and retain the brand equity they have built over many decades.

What is our solution?

Design a scalable and responsive digital extension of UBM Fashion Brand.

ENK and MAGIC have over 3 decades of brand loyalty and recognition. Our experience should amplify these brands and communicate UBM FG as the leader in the industry.

Our main objective is to design a responsive web experience that unifies the UBM properties without altering or cheapening each show’s brand equity. The experience will be easy to navigate, informative, authentic and modern.

What will our solution achieve?


Attendees are a mix of buyers from boutiques to large department stores. Their main goal is to identify trends for the upcoming seasons and buy for them. They need access to brand lists, shows in their category and media/lookbooks to give them a better idea of how they should spend their time at these shows. Our experience will make it easy for buyers to navigate and find information to help them make better decisions about what shows to attend, what booths to visit, and what trends to be aware of.

FOR EXHIBITORS (Brands, Designers, Manufacturers)

Exhibitors are fashion brands and product lines represented by people who’s main goal is to sell to retail buyers around the country or globe. They need to see the value in exhibiting at one of these shows as it is an expensive investment with no assured outcomes. This experience will highlight the value of exhibiting at UBM shows through thoughtful storytelling, wayfinding and transparency. It should serve as a guide to newcomers and a familiar place to returning clients.