To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the 1994 cult classic, Speed, Fox Home Entertainment released the Speed 20th Anniversary Blu-ray™ Box Set and entrusted Trailer Park to execute a Facebook campaign that used a variety of modern-day tactics to bring this classic film into the social era of 2014.

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Speed first exploded into theaters in 1994, not only launching the career of star Sandra Bullock, but going on to become one of the most beloved and most successful films of all time. To celebrate the release of the Speed 20th Anniversary Blu-ray™ Box Set, Fox Home Entertainment challenged Trailer Park to re-ignite fans’ interest in and love for this modern classic, by leveraging and jumpstarting a substantial but somewhat passive Facebook following.


It turns out that the fans just needed a little spark. We tapped into enthusiastic nostalgia for the film, the 1990s, and the youth of Speed's now superstar talent. Through daily community management and visual asset creation, we provided the fans with dating tips, quote challenges, trivia, holiday cards, and new, exclusive creative content. We also created a limited edition 18x24 infographic to be given to twenty dedicated Speed fans. The poster included fun, unexpected statistics that any fan would enjoy, and was designed to look great on anyone’s wall, real or virtual. Through four teaser posts, fans were asked to post a picture of themselves with their recently purchased Blu-ray™ Box Set for a chance to win this truly exciting exclusive.


The four-week campaign accelerated fan engagement around the world. Without any paid support or media buys, Speed’s Facebook audience grew by 1.2% (from 633,681 to 640,940 fans), received 1,000 clicks-to-buy, and reached an average of 12,641 people per post, a 120% increase prior to launch. Fans were left with far more than just a gold watch, but instead a reminder of why they loved the original and a great excuse to get a copy for themselves.

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